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The Inn

Old Oak Inn Porch

The huge wrap-around porch is a distinctive feature of the Old Oak Inn, and a great place to sit and enjoy the day.  Whether a chilled glass of orange juice or hot coffee in the morning, a glass of lemonade in the afternoon, or a glass of wine in the evening, you'll feel transported to a simpler time and place.
As you might guess from the name of the inn, the woodwork inside is something special.  And it's not just oak.  Birdseye maple, walnut, and white pine were incorporated to distinguish the rooms in the house.  The intricate carvings and fine detailing speak of an era of craftsmanship largely absent from today's homes. Old Oak Inn Grand Stair

Old Oak Inn Door Detail

Old Oak Inn Sitting Room Sit in period furnishings in front of a beautiful old fireplace, and maybe if you're lucky, your hostess Holly will play a piece on the grand piano or harpsichord.
Old Oak Inn Piano

The Old Oak Inn
500 Church Street
Soldiers Grove, WI  54655